Gamma Radiation



Of the many types of radiation, Gamma radiation has to be the most common. It is found and used for every thing in relation to space. Gamma rays are the shortest in the whole spectrum. However, they contain the most energy in the whole spectrum. As a result, gamma radiation(rays) are the most useful.

First Discovered
In 1896 , French scientists Henri Becquerel discovered natural radioactivity. Many scientist of the period were working with Cathode rays and other scientist were gathering evidence on the theory that the atom could be subdivided. Some of the new research showed that certain types of atoms distegrate by themselves.

Where It Can Be Found
       Gamma radiation is found in many places. One of these places is from our sun. It is also found here on earth as well. A large portion of it is exposed to smokers. It is in the tobacco in cigarettes. Some small amounts of radiation may also be in the water we drink. Other forms of radiation also occur naturally in certain elements. These may end up in the materials used in building complexes.

How It’s Used Today

Gamma rays can kill living cells, they are used to kill cancer cells with out having to resort to difficult surgery. Which is also called Radiotherapy and it works because healthy cells can repair themselves fairly well when damaged by gamma rays. Doctors can put slightly radioactive substance into a patients body, then scan the patient to detect the gamma rays and build up a picture of what’s going on inside the patient. It is very useful because they can see the body process actually working rather than just looking at still pictures.